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For all the recreational dancers + ex-dancers - we exist for you. MVMT Theory is a choreography based, hip hop dance class fueled by music. We combine elements of yoga and meditation so you can walk out feeling confident, toned, and centered.


our STORY 

Founded by Tiffany Chao, MVMT Theory was born out of the desire to create a space for those wanting to practice dance in an open + inclusive atmosphere.

Having grown up dancing her entire life, Tiffany struggled to find adult dance classes that embodied the sense of community prevalent in the yoga and fitness worlds. In 2016, she enlisted her dance partner-in-crime, Kirsten Marbert to co-lead and curate a dance experience that would embody this.

Now offering Hip Hop and Hip Hop Heels classes on both coasts - Los Angeles and New York - MVMT Theory hopes to inspire connection and build community through movement, music, and fresh choreography.

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MVMT class flows like a typical choreography class - encouraging you to find your inner cool kid while breaking a good sweat. Class will begin with a thorough warm up followed by several mini combinations to help get you into your dance flow. We'll craft an entire routine as we work through a few 8-counts of choreography so you can walk out of class ready to cut up the dance floor.

*Class is best suited for those with prior dance experience - however, all levels are welcome.

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Imagine our MVMT class done entirely in heels. This class encourages you to explore your feminine through a blend of jazz funk and hip hop styles. We’ll guide you through proper heels technique so you can perfect your heels game and leave class feeling next-level confident.

*Class is best suited for those with prior dance experience - however, all levels are welcome. Heels are optional, but highly encouraged.



All classes are 60 minutes



-led by Tiffany Chao

MVMT [Hip Hop] every Friday at 6:30pm

HUB Seventeen @Lululemon Flatiron
114 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10011



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