vibe with us, move with us.

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MVMT (Hip Hop + Brunch)
60 mins.

MVMT is our core hip hop dance class for all levels. Whether you're terrified of the dance floor, or comfortable with movement we're here to help you find your inner MVMT and groove. We promise. 

*Hip Hop + Brunch classes are our core MVMT classes


price: $20


60 mins.

  • 10 mins | dance warm up
  • 20 mins | run/light jog
  • 30 mins | yoga (MVMT Flow)

In collaboration with Movement Runners, MVMT Phys Ed is our community class dedicated to giving back to no other than you (yes, this is complementary). This class combines elements of our MVMT and MVMT Flow class in one. We'll start off with a dance-based warm up, followed by a run around ROW DTLA and the Arts District led by a fellow MVMT Fam or community member. We'll end back at the studio with 30 minutes of MVMT Flow.



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50 mins.

A workout designed to build functional strength, burn calories, and tighten the core. In this 50 minute workout you'll train both upper and lower body while adding a bit of cardio and agility to the mix. As you go through each circuit, you'll lunge, jump, push, and crunch your way to an awesome workout. Towards the end you'll take a visit to the ab factory and pay your dues. All of this will be set to a fire playlist!

PRICE: $20


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60 mins.
MVMT Flow is our full body, vinyasa flow class connecting breath with movement and music, all while moving you from one yoga posture to the next. Each class is intentionally choreographed to build heat and work through every muscle of your body.

*MVMT Flow is offered  complementary with MVMT Phys Ed or as a private/group private only