Describe yourself in 145 characters or less: I'm a HIP HOP YOGI who loves music and fashion. Bubbly, determined, and ambitious. I love to create with people and inspire others!

Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ontario - Canada

Birthday: October 25th

What to expect in your class: Great grooves, hard hits, and sexy feels (MVMT) along with heavy meditation, a chance to lose yourself in the flow and good vibes (MVMT Feels)

Currently listening to: Chance, Frank Ocean, James Blake, BORNS, Bon Iver

Guilty Pleasure: Wine cheese, Kundalini, and Super Smash Bros (what growing up with two older brothers do).

Favorite L.A. hangs: Flea markets, beach, Whole Foods, Davey Waynes, Brick & Mortar

What moves you: My family and friends back home. The idea of making an imprint in this world while always staying positive and happy. This involves practicing a healthy lifestyle, having an open perspective, doing what you love, and connecting with others!

Drink of choice: Cab Sav

Random fact: I have a flat head from doing so many headstands when I was young...

Quote to live by: "To live is the rarest thing, most people just exist" - Oscar Wilde

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