def sound

music + vibe curator

Describe yourself in 145 characters or less: Def Sound is short for Definitive Sound - I named myself after my goal. I'm an artist, a painter with vibration, poet and healer who sages against the machine. Thee kid from South Central that found signal.

Hometown: South Central LA alsoknownas Sierra Neone

Birthday: August 23rd

What to expect when you're providing the sounds: Bright frequencies you can dance in or out your mind to

Currently listening to: The Internet, Bonzai, Solange, Jon Bap, Jordan Rakei, Toro y Moi, NoName Gypsy, J'Davey, Vince Staples, Open Mike Eagle, Zack Sekoff, and James Blake

Guilty pleasure: Thug Life

Favorite L.A. hangs: The Ace Hotel, Kings Cafe for thee wifi and dirty chai's, and Stuff I Eat in Inglewood for thee nourishment

What moves you: People that believe in themselves and collaboration

Drink of choice: Dirty Chai Matte. That's a chai blended perfectly w/ Yerba Matte, read me in the tae leaves.

Random fact: My father is from Panama and my mother is from Belize.

Quote to live by: "There are no rules, only the ones you follow...or wipe the sleep from your third eye."

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