Describe yourself in 145 characters or less: Equal parts dancer and yogini, always on the move to #makemoves

Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA

Birthday: April 9th

What to expect in your class: Heavy community vibes first and foremost - but also the opportunity and space to reconnect. I like to explore movement that allows you to embrace both your inner tom-boy as well as your feminine. You'll walk out feeling like you can kick it with the boys and hang with the girls. It's all about balance and equilibrium - even with choreography.

Currently listening to: J.Cole, Mura Masa, Sango, Solange, S.T.W.O, Abhi//Dijon

Guilty pleasure: Cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. Sea salt chocolate chip cookies. 

Favorite L.A. hangs: Ironically enough, Fairfax Ave. has all my favorite spots within the same block, no joke - PCP Fairfax for coffee, Cofax for their bomb breakfast burritos, The Dime for cutting up the dance floor, and then there's our WeHo studio - Blackbird Dance Co.

What moves you: Good conversation, good music, and a good brainstorm sesh. Nothing beats connecting and riffing with others that share the same grit and adrenaline to constantly create and iterate with you.

Drink of choice: Gin (Brooklyn Gin if we're name dropping)

Random fact: My scoliosis is wild. If you look closely at my right waist, you'll see that it curves much more inward than my left. 

Quote to live by: "It's better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of someone else's with perfection" - The Bhagavad Gita

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